Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is included?

A: The hire of full size gaming tables with wooden legs - we offer mixes of:

  1. Roulette tables and full size wheels
  2. Blackjack tables
  3. Dice tables
  4. Texas Hold 'Em tables
  5. Wheel of Fortune tables

One Croupier to each table dressed in smart black tie or evening dress dealing for up to three consecutive hours before Midnight.
There is an additional charge per table for dealing times that extend beyond Midnight, and this has to be pre-booked.
Packages include delivery, set up and collection to areas as specified.

We also offer an International service and have provided fun casinos around Europe - please ask for a bespoke quotation.

We have £5million European PL Cover and can provide your venue with proof and also risk assessments if needed. Risk level is low.

Our tables come flat packed and are erected on site. They come equipped with chips / cards /balls / dice and we provide our own pre-printed fun money for distribution to guests before play begins. They then exchange this for chips at the tables.

Q: Format - What Happens On The Night?

A: We come to your venue to set up the tables, unless otherwise arranged, to be set before your guests arrive in the room, or before they are due to start to play the games.
We allow for one and a half hours waiting time that is included in the package and individual table hire price. If there is an earlier set up of more than one hour thirty minutes then an additional set up fee may be charged.

If you want us to halt play due to cutting of cake and first dance we will, and this forms part of your dealing time.

Q: How much space is needed?

A: Clearly this depends on the number of gaming tables that you hire. We can cater for numbers of ten people to over 1,000.

  1. Roulette is 8' x 4' rectangular
  2. Blackjack is 5' x 3'6" semi-circular
  3. Dice is 8' x 4' rectangular
  4. Texas Hold 'Em is 8' x 5' oval
  5. Wheel of Fortune sits on a table top and comes with a speed cloth to sit on top of the provided table

Players stand at every table except for Texas Hold 'Em where chairs need to be provided by the Client.

A roulette and blackjack can be set in a space of 10 square feet. It is wise to discuss the individual space requirements with us when you book so we can advise you. There is no real need for recces or site visits, but we will do these if absolutely necessary, and there will be a charge for time/expenses.

Q: Can I check out an event that you are at to see the gaming tables in action?

A: Sorry, that isn't possible as our Clients do not allow prospective cutomers of ours to their private events. You can see events featured in our Gallery to get an idea of the fun that can be had.

Q: How much time is there for dealing?

A: You have pre-contracted standardperiod of up to three consecutive hours dealing time before Midnight. If it is impossible to start on time because your Itinarary has over-run then we will still finish at the pre-contracted time. The start time is not flexible and if you wish the staff to work after the pre-contracted finish time, then you must contact our office first to agree and additional over hours charge.

We work with you to ensure that your guests enjoy the games during the period and should you decide to finish early then we will wind the casino down to find you your overall winner,so that you can present a prize. (We suggest a small prize for the winner as this keeps the games more competitive and is more memorable for the winner.)

Q: Is there an age restriction?

A: No, but we ask that children be accompanied by adults at the table, unless the party is for children only when the only restriction to play is height at the table.

Q: Do we play with real money?

A: No, no real money changes hands at the tables as this is illegal and would contravene the current UK Gaming Laws.

Q: Can I raise funds for my charity, association or club?

A: Yes, you can. Speak to our fundraising experts first as we have many years of experience in this area. There are rules and regulations with regard to this in line with the UK Gaming Laws.

Q: I want to run a competition on my exhibition stand, promote my product launch, do filming/video, need some photography, need dry hire props, other requirements, can you help?

A: Yes, we provide our equipment for all sorts of different reasons. As long as the requirement is legal, then we can quote you for this. Get in touch.

Q: What are your restrictions around a table?

A: We do not allow drinks or food on the tables in case of spillages which stains the layouts. We do not allow any abusive behaviour whether verbal or physical, whether it is caused by excess intake or alcohol, drugs or otherwise and will close the table temporarily or completely if this occurs and the Client will be asked to deal directly with the perpetrator as we do not bear any responsibility in this area. This also applies to cheating or stealing chips/fun money at the tables as can sometimes occur. The tables are managed by professional croupiers who will be polite, courteous and friendly in their manner. The emphasis is on fun entertainment for your event, so you can feel confident that our personnel will be very professional in their manner.

Q: What are your payment terms?

A: Event date is over 30 days = A 50% non-returnable deposit secures a booking, with the balance due to be received at least seven working days before event date.
Event date is within 30 days = 100% of fee is due immediately
You have the option to pay 100% if you prefer.

Payments through BACS and Faster Payments only unless booking through the online store system.

Q: I have a question that isn't answered here?

A: Get in touch, and we'll provide an answer...